Welcome to Jlara Educational Consulting

At JLara, we support non-profit and public sector leaders to identify best-practice solutions to challenges faced in educating diverse student populations; to build organizational capacity; to establish data-driven practices; and to forge connections across all educational service sectors.

Our consultants are highly-skilled, highly-trained facilitators,  researchers, trainers, and policy analysts with multi-lingual capabilities and a flare for diverse cultural interaction.

Our Offerings

  • Best Practice Research Focusing on ELL and At-risk Learners
  • Review of services to ELL students at the district and school levels
  • Research, Evaluation, and Survey Development
  • Training & Facilitation Services
  • Process Documentation & Product Development
  • Project Management

We are here to help realize your vision of school  improvement.  To work with a JLara Professional, please contact us today.

“JLara Educational Consulting worked closely with us in the development of a report on high school reform and native students. JLara was most accommodating throughout the project and ultimately produced a document that we are proud to share with educators, advocates, parents, and school administrators. We appreciated her previous experience in working with Native educators and her skill in assisting with crafting recommendations which will be of benefit to those working to improve high schools for Native students.”

– Robin Butterfield, Native American Educator.